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A Servant Of The Most High | Dance Genre Innovator | Performer | Entrepreneur | Instructor | Leader | Unique Stylized Sequences Provider | Author 

The Earthly Mother, Who Is Wisdom


I'm Ms. Monica Wilson

Thank you for sliding over to my lane to gain all there is to know about Me and what I'm created to do and provide. So, Go ahead and take a look around my site and gain all that you desire. If you are looking to contact me for business inquiry... Just visit the contact Me link and I'll reply within 72 hours.  If you're looking to participant in my services, audition for Me & or come to a live performance... just click the links at the top or bottom of this site.


I'm looking forward to Jammin with or in front of you soon. 


Jammin' With Me Gives You

A Piece Of You, that You 

Didn't Know Lives Within. 

~ The Earthly Mother, Who Is Wisdom

Book Reviews

Mon, I have not been able to put your book down since it has arrived today!

OMG! You Are The Truth

You have taught Me so much from your videos, your Xpeditions & now from a whole new perspective from reading your book. Thank You!


This book is part 1 of The life Journey of The Most High, Lord, Creator. Father, The Almighty's Servant who is Ms. Monica Wilson, and in the Spiritual Realm she's The Earthly Mother, Who is Wisdom. This Book provides stories of what Servant Ms. Monica Wilson has endured when walking through the valley of the shadows of Darkness in the physical realm. Where she is sharing her life journey from a Servant perspective that she has experienced on this Land. This book is written by Servant Ms. Monica Wilson herself in the format of how she speaks. Everything in this book is of her personal experiences, Has happened and is of True.


If you were guided to slide my way, then that's The Most High/Lord Will being done to bring you to reach a new level of your Greatness. Welcome.

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